there are these boundaries that I see and they somehow seem to constrict me
I don’t remember creating them, but they now, somehow, engulf me

there are these boundaries that I feel
that seem to have a strange power over me
they tell me, what is right and what is wrong, and that if I do something beyond
I will risk experiencing failure and my self-esteem will falter even greater

there are these boundaries that I see and they seem to have an unusual control over me
it is so hard for me, to even breathe, when these boundaries keep on smothering me

there are these boundaries, that I want to break, but I am so scared, as now they have placed these tiny pieces of glass on the boundary wall
as a means, to try to keep me enclosed, within the designated space

there are these boundaries, that seem to keep me, so walled off and so closed off
they have now become so rigid, so restrictive, thus making it so difficult for me, to escape them or get rid of

© Lishaka Gulati

P.S. this piece was written a few months back

Melancholy Musings – Part II

from that day to this
the girl has been dealing with an emptiness inside
the occasional mood swings, frequent crying
and those other things alike

the kid finally opened up to her family
told them of her suffering and the agony
she also informed them of the chest pains
that had started troubling her lately

the family supported the kid
and assisted her in getting the treatment
that was requisite for her, even though a little inconvenient

now the kid has been diagnosed
with anxiety and depression
so suddenly the kid has a word
that is within her comprehension

© Lishaka Gulati

P.S. this piece was written a few months back

Melancholy Musings – Part I

there once was a kid so lost
that she didn’t know what to do from one step to the next, no matter what the cost

don’t get me wrong, the kid had a wonderful family, who tried to motivate her at every step of the way
still, the kid felt lost and sad, inside her little heart but she didn’t want to bother anyone and seem apart

the kid wondered how to make sense of it all,
and in so, the kid started doing all those activities notoriously possible at school
eventually, getting the title of the coolest kid in class
but the kid still felt empty and in contrast

she then focused on her academics
and scored the best grades, inspite of her insides
being at times, in hysterics

she made her parents proud
but it still didn’t fill the kid’s hollow heart that stood unbowed

To be contd…

© Lishaka Gulati

P.S. this piece was written a few months back

Notes of Hope

so fearful, so much angst
everyday alive, thinking, what’s the point

let’s not be disappointed, disillusioned
in a sad state of mind

instead, let’s think about the profusion, boundless
that this universe offers to us

we’re well, we’re alive and we’re here
you and I
if this is not magic, what is?

© Lishaka Gulatil

Illegal trade, illicit trafficking

captive, caged, chained
elephants, expected to entertain

not just elephants
there are animals, many
who are engaged for human entertainment
at the cost, of their grave endangerment

clicking a selfie
with the caged animals
do you think that’s cute
were you not made aware
of their horrific abuse

from elephants to tigers
pangolins to turtles
all classified as species, endangered

illegal trade, illicit trafficking
for personal, profitable gains
all leading to these species, pained

© Lishaka Gulati

The above poem is written in support of the global campaign initiated by the NGO, World Animal Protection, India to gain support worldwide for banning the trade of wild animals.