there once was a kid so lost
that she didn’t know what to do from one step to the next, no matter what the cost

don’t get me wrong, the kid had a wonderful family, who tried to motivate her at every step of the way
still, the kid felt lost and sad, inside her little heart but she didn’t want to bother anyone and seem apart

the kid wondered how to make sense of it all,
and in so, the kid started doing all those activities notoriously possible at school
eventually, getting the title of the coolest kid in class
but the kid still felt empty and in contrast

she then focused on her academics
and scored the best grades, inspite of her insides
being at times, in hysterics

she made her parents proud
but it still didn’t fill the kid’s hollow heart that stood unbowed

To be contd…

© Lishaka Gulati

P.S. this piece was written a few months back

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