Wooden Bedside Table – of Superstitious Behaviour

someone comes up to me
and says something nice
all I can think about, is wanting to flee
for how could someone say such vice

my body reflexes on the compliment and immediately reacts with “what the hell man, now why did you say that for?”
my hand, meanwhile, reaches for my wooden bedside table and I mutter the words “touch – wood” and at the same time, stare at the person in disbelief, with a glare

now what does that term even mean
it’s a rhetorical question, so leave it clean
I don’t know how I even started using that term
maybe I picked it off from my mother
who ardently believes that this would ward off evil intentions that people sometimes tend to cover

I use this term a lot
and whenever I do so, I tend to always get caught
whenever a compliment comes my way
I tend to make a face and try to get away, to my wooden bedside table to say those golden words and save my day

why did I only mention, my wooden bedside table
well, I’m always in bed, that’s why I said
so you don’t end up feeling, like you’ve been misled

© Lishaka Gulati

Poem ~ Today the sky called me up

today the sky called me up and said

hi, I saw that you went for a walk but you danced instead
did you realize, that people were looking at you

like you were out of your mind

well, it wasn’t my first time

over the top, you appeared to be manic
lonely girl trotting on toes
so out of control
just swaying to the music

maybe someday, sky, you and the people will realize, that we have to lose ourselves to this lucid music
and not always care about other people’s eyes

try it with me, sky
let’s go for a walk
and dance instead
let them look at us and wonder
how we’re out of your mind
let them look at us and wonder
how we’re two of a kind

© Lishaka Gulati